Hello everybody, it's been getting cold and it's really important to wear clothes that keep us warm and look good, obviously. You may have those times you just want to stay home and watch movies and drink hot chocolate, but what really is important for me is shopping during winter. Because who doesn't need those comfy and warm sweaters? Well, I do. 
So what I usually do is spend hours (being really serious) on online shops, making wish lists of all the things I want and categorizing everything trend by trend. Of course, I can't efford everything because my list goes on and on. I pick one of two pieces I really want and need in my garderobe this winter. When I shop online, I like to get my clothes from Zara, H&M, Mango, Asos and other online shop sites. 
It's really nice to just stay home and pick clothes from the internet. I keep the clothes I want in mind, so I know exactly what to look for. And I don't have to walk through the shop to find the clothes I want. The online shop categorizes everything, so it's easy to find. I wanted to share with you guys some of my personal favorites for the season (what I like to get while shopping during winter). Let's get started!
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T U R T L E N E C K  S W E A T E R S

Oh god, when I saw some beautiful oversized turtleneck sweaters in the online shops and tumblr, because tumblr was full of models wearing those beautiful turtlenecks. I was literally blown away. I always thought there's something about turtlenecks. It's a simple sweater, but so interesting and elegant. I think this winter everyone should have a turtleneck sweater in their garderobe. And let's not forget to really keep us warm when the cold days come!

I spotted some turtlenecks on the catwalk, like Marni and let's not forget Alexander Wang. You may like it or not, but if you don't have a turtleneck in your garderobe, then i'm telling you to get one. They are in different styles. You have cashmere and wool. I prefer the wool one because they really keep you warm and they are so soft.  You may find the at: Zara, Asos, Topshop and other stores.


1. There’s a reason schools teach Shakespeare instead of John Green; you make your own life, it’s not written in the stars, waiting to start until you find that person with the perfect smile 

2. People are a hell of a lot smarter than you think. Shut your mouth, stop thinking you know everything, and listen.

3. Getting close and being vulnerable is scary as hell, But you know what else it is? Worth it.

4. Love yourself.

5. The moment you feel your happiness being dictated by another person, take a break from them.

6. Take a step back and look around, you have more friends than you think.

7. Growing up is going to happen and it’s going to be tough. Just stay close to those around you, you’re all in it together.

8. If you’re still checking their Facebook/Instagram/tumblr, you’re never going to get over them.

9. Everything seems worse in the morning. Don’t fall for it, it’s deceiving.

10. No need to be so intense all the time. People get tired of swimming in the deep end, sometimes they need a break in the shallow part of the pool.

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