Hello everybody, it's been getting cold and it's really important to wear clothes that keep us warm and look good, obviously. You may have those times you just want to stay home and watch movies and drink hot chocolate, but what really is important for me is shopping during winter. Because who doesn't need those comfy and warm sweaters? Well, I do. 
So what I usually do is spend hours (being really serious) on online shops, making wish lists of all the things I want and categorizing everything trend by trend. Of course, I can't efford everything because my list goes on and on. I pick one of two pieces I really want and need in my garderobe this winter. When I shop online, I like to get my clothes from Zara, H&M, Mango, Asos and other online shop sites. 
It's really nice to just stay home and pick clothes from the internet. I keep the clothes I want in mind, so I know exactly what to look for. And I don't have to walk through the shop to find the clothes I want. The online shop categorizes everything, so it's easy to find. I wanted to share with you guys some of my personal favorites for the season (what I like to get while shopping during winter). Let's get started!
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T U R T L E N E C K  S W E A T E R S

Oh god, when I saw some beautiful oversized turtleneck sweaters in the online shops and tumblr, because tumblr was full of models wearing those beautiful turtlenecks. I was literally blown away. I always thought there's something about turtlenecks. It's a simple sweater, but so interesting and elegant. I think this winter everyone should have a turtleneck sweater in their garderobe. And let's not forget to really keep us warm when the cold days come!

I spotted some turtlenecks on the catwalk, like Marni and let's not forget Alexander Wang. You may like it or not, but if you don't have a turtleneck in your garderobe, then i'm telling you to get one. They are in different styles. You have cashmere and wool. I prefer the wool one because they really keep you warm and they are so soft.  You may find the at: Zara, Asos, Topshop and other stores.

Picture from Pinterest / Alexander Wang

When it comes to boots for the winter, I prefer short boots. I have no idea why but I just love how it looks. They may be not enough to keep your feet warm but at least they look good. Of course, there are a lot of boots that go up to your knees or a little under them, but I like the short boots, because if you are small, they make you look longer. Which is a good thing. 
You have a lot boots in different shapes and styles. Those chelsea heeled boots, which look the same (as the shoe in the photo) but only with a (longer) heel. They are so beautiful and comfy. I've bought one of those from H&M and I can walk in them for hours without feeling any pain. If you need new boots then i'm telling you, heeled or not, chelsea boots are one of the favorites.

Want some of them? Take a look at Zara, H&M, Topshop and other online shops.

Yara from Chapter Friday

F U R  C O A T S

Have you ever wanted a fur coat? No? Then you are missing something. Fur coats do have something special about them, they make you look fancy, elegant, beautiful and let's not forget they make you look rich. I always wanted a fur coat, but they just don't look good on me, too bad. 
What I like about fur coats is: that they look special. Even when you go outside wearing black jeans, a white shirt and boots underneath it. A fur coat can make the simple outfit look stunning by just adding something special to it. And let me tell you, not every jacket or coat can do that.
People have been talking about if it is acceptable to kill animals just to make fashion. Well, I don't think so, but if you don't like to wear a fur coat what comes from a killed animal, then you can get those fake furs. 
I wouldn't like to wear a fur coat, what makes me feel horrible. I like animals and I think you don't have to kill a animal for a coat. Get one of those fake ones, they look all the same! Want one of those fur coats? Take a look at ASOS!

A L L   W H I T E   E V E R Y T H I N G

I love white, and I love it even more when it comes to fashion. It looks so clean and elegant. Everything just looks so perfect. 
I was looking through some pictures of the Fashion Week and I spotted some all white everything looks. It's one of my favorite trends ever. 
I have this weird love relationship with the colors white, black and grey. It may not be the most  practical color ever but forget about it. People who have been telling that white isn't a winter color, got it all wrong. White is the perfect color for the winter.
It's all fresh and clean. So if you don't have an all white everything outfit there are plenty places to go. From Zara to H&M and Mango and Berschka.


We've talked about fur coats, but lets not forget the ultimate coat for winter. Winter is about being comfy and playing with layers to keep it warm. 
My favorite thing about winter fashion is finding the perfect coat. They have to look good and fit good. In the winter the coat can actually be the whole outfit, that means no matter how simple you look in the inside. Make it worth looking on the outside. 
You can wear a simple black outfit and throw a grey oversized coat over it and there you go, no need to think further. 
Need to find the perfect coat? Click here.

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